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The Newly Introduced Galactic Academy is looking for members! Academy Staff, Instructors, Security teams, and of course Cadets, are needed to form this Academy. the plans aren’t final and I’m still working it out but if any one wants a reserved recruit seat email the Ambassador: AmenRaa@hotmail.com
and those that wish to join the staff email me: ron&tarahilton@telus.net

I’m thinking of setting it up in or near a Massassi Temple on Yavin 4. There will be some sort of entrance fee or toll to get in the Academy, depending on how the SWG sets up it’s dues, but supplies and stuff for training and lodging will be free! I think that’s a pretty good deal! That also includes a Dorm room and food, again free food depending on how SWG is set up. For at the start of the game this will be a great way to concentrate on your skill tree and save money!

The Academy will not be Imperial, Rebel, or Otherwise Exclusive, and will be open for anyone to train whether or not they are in their own PA. This is an Academy for all to train on whatever skill tree they wish to venture. Rules and Regulations will be strictly enforced for all to benefit from the Training grounds.

Many PA’s have tried to recruit me, and I appreciate the offer, but that goes to show that an Academy is a good idea. I want our Academy to be open for all to train at their leisure. We will keep negotiations open for PA’s that are seeking a certain level or class of characters from our recruits. Once Cadets graduate they will be sent to PA's of their choice, and the particular PA will pay the Academy a fee.

Commandant Ryan Mulcahy

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